Sinway Medical 

Sinway Medical is one of the manufacturer of durable medical equipment. Since 2003, Sinway is specialized in designing and manufacturing  and exporting rehabilitation products with individual solution for elderly and disabled. The Company markets its products to customers located throughout North America, Europe, Central America, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

With Sinway, we ensure you success in serving your customers and community with presenting you a team of knowledge and experienced!

Sinway exists to enhance the quality of life of the people we touch.

Product Line

We carry a complete line of durable rehabilitation medical equipment including wheelchairs, self-assist products, power wheelchairs, power scooters, pediatric products, patient room equipment, knee walkers, rollators, commodes, bathroom safety products, barrier free facilities for nursing room etc.


Sinway's customer base spans many verticals including: home healthcare providers, healthcare distributors, retailers (both independent and chains), and e-tailers.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certified

Drive is proud to announce that we are ISO 13485: 2003 certified. ISO 13485 is an ISO standard, published in 2003, that represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for medical devices.


Sinway Xiamen Marketing

Sinway established the sales office branch with showroom in Xiamen to dipslay the products samples. The teams here are all graduated from Industrial Design or International Trade major, so all of them are with good education background and related professional knowledge. That is the reason why they could provide you with best product consult and sale service. Also, we offers the customers country market research for free, trains them the product knowledge and teaches them how to sell, how to build sales channels. Our goal is ensuring your success in serving customers and community.

Sinway Medical Design & Manufacturing
Add.: Sishui Road No.611, Xiamen 361015, China
Tel.:+86 592 5031 441  M.P.:+86 133 2875 6108
Email: enquiry@sinwaysw.com
Skype: ivyzeng13328756108
Wechat: jamesflowerivy
What's app:+86 133 2875 6108
Global Web: www.sinwaymedical.com

Getrust Medical

Getrust Medical is the wheelchair base of Sinway, Getrust is specialized in designing and producing knee walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, Medical Chair, patient lift, electric hospital bed, home care beds. Getrust’s CEO is in rehab field for 30 years, he is the expert in wheelchair design, molding and producing, he is teacher of all our staff. All our engineers and middle managements are all experienced and from A&I factory or Japan factory. Getrust covers 10,000 square meters, it has own automatic aging furnace, liquid painting line, upholstery made department, so from rough material processing till painting, we do completely all by ourselves to supply sustainable quality products for our products. Sinway is the global marketing office for Getrust, Sinway does marketing and selling, Getrust does production
We are A&I equal quality OEM factory, so if you are looking for A&I equal or Taiwan technology products, welcome you visit us. 

Getrust Medical

Add.: Wengjiao Road No. 289, Haicang Industrial Area, Xiamen 361022, China

Email: ivyzeng@getrustmedical.com

Global Web: www.getrustmedical.com

 Sinway Zhongshan

Zhongshan Sinway is the 2nd production base of Sinway. We mainly design and manufacture the bathroom safety and walking aids items here, such as the shower chairs, commodes, walkers, walking sticks and so on. There are two injection and blow molding machines in the factory, so most of the related parts for products are manufactured by ourselves with good quality and competitive cost. We also welcome the customers to research and develop the new products with us, or do OEM according to the customers’ own design.
Sinway Zhongshan aims to develop the full capability in producing quality products consistently. We are so proud to be a part of Sinway, since Sinway is growing rapidly and with bright prospect of development.

Sinway Zhongshan Rehabilitation
Dongsheng County, Zhongshan, China
Email: sales@sinwaysw.com
Global Web: www.sinwaymedical.com

Sinway Foshan - Dosing Hardware

Dosing Hardware in Foshan is the 3rd production base of Sinway, where we mainly producing many types stainless steel commode chairs, stainless steel grabs, Some Complicated new developed products, commode wheelchairs, walkers, knee scooters.
There are four experienced engineers there, who are all with more than 20 years experience in building all kinds of moldings, including all hardware moldings, press tool design, welding jigs. For example, Mr. Chen worked as one molding maker in a Japan factory for 5 years before. Also, Mr. Yao worked as designer in R&D in Taiwain factory for 6 years, his work also included the plastic and PU mold design. So if you want to develop or produce any complicated stainless steel products, aluminum products or steel products, please contact with Sinway. Now Qier Rehab is very professional in manufacturing different types stainless steel commode chairs, commode wheelchairs in aluminum, knee scooters, and other OEM products.

Sinway Foshan-Dosing Hardware
Yugang Deleopment Area Dong Yungang, Danzao County, Nanhai, China
Email: enquiry@sinwaysw.com
Global Web: www.sinwaymedical.com 
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